Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen: Learn the StoryBrand framework with Decoded Strategies

February 23, 2023


A massive blocker to scaling your cybersecurity company is lacking a consistent, compelling brand message. In this keynote, we’ll share actionable tips on how you can use the 7-part StoryBrand framework, a scalable strategy to clarify your message and differentiate yourself from the competition. Join us to get practical tools you can put to work right away to develop killer messaging that attracts more leads, increases sales, and streamlines your marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Discover the power of simplicity and clarity in marketing
  2. Learn the 7-part Storybrand Framework that will help your brand tell a clear and compelling story
  3. Q&A with StoryBrand experts

About Decoded Strategies: 

Decoded Strategies ( is a marketing agency dedicated to helping promising but stuck cybersecurity companies implement marketing and sales strategies that lead to long-term success. Brands with incredible products get beat by their competition every day. But when you finally nail your positioning, you can win the hearts and minds of the very people you set out to help. We help businesses create a clear brand story, develop compelling content, and execute marketing strategies to unlock growth and dominate your market.