Recap: Ten Eleven Roundtable on Driving Engagement and Productivity on Distributed Teams

January 26, 2023


Since the pandemic, virtually every company's workforce is remote or distributed. That new world order presents both new challenges and new opportunities. Lack of in-person interaction means that companies need to be more intentional about ensuring that employees feel connected and valued. But, it also means that there's an opportunity to upgrade outdated modes of communication, documentation, and goal-tracking to make teams more productive than ever.

Brandon Sammut is Chief People Officer at Zapier, a 100% remote workflow automation company with over 750 team members in 17 time zones and dozens of countries

    • How to handle the challenges of distributed work, like ensuring productivity, access to information, and sense of belonging

    • What “quiet quitting” is, and how to identify and prevent it

    • How to make the most of intranet, messaging, conferencing, and documentation tools

Read Brandon's guide:

Driving Engagement and Productivity with Distributed Teams

Brandon Sammut is the Chief People Officer at Zapier, a 100% remote workflow automation company with over 750 team members in 17 time zones and dozens of countries. In this guide, Brandon explains how to grow employee engagement and performance in a distributed workplace, as well as tools and practices to foster belonging and promote productivity and retention.
Resource for setting and managing OKRs within your organization:

Managing OKRs

Daniel Montgomery is the Founder and Managing Director of Agile Strategies, a boutique OKR consultancy that helps companies achieve transformative results in growth, innovation, focus, alignment, and engagement. In this guide, Daniel explains how to create strategically aligned and well-crafted OKRs, create an effective management cadence that translates OKRs into weekly action commitments, and integrate OKRs into the operating model of the organization.
Best practices for implementing a holistic onboarding program:

Designing Your Company’s New Hire Onboarding Experience

Kati Ryan is the Founder of A Positive Adventure, a learning and development consulting firm that has built award-winning training programs for companies like Instacart, Marine Layer,, Gannett, LivingSocial, and others. In this guide, she walks through designing and executing an engaging and effective new hire experience.
Xiao Wang
Navigating Immigration Law
Boundless Immigration CEO Xiao Wang empowers companies and individuals to confidently navigate the complexities of U.S. immigration. For companies, Boundless offers solutions to streamline existing immigration programs, forge strategic roadmaps for scaling with global talent, and facilitate smooth professional transitions for immigrants at any stage of their US career. This guide details the different immigration pathways, best practices, cost/timeline considerations, and long-term visa retention strategies.
Architecting a Strategic People Function
Anthony Louis is an Engagement Manager at Beacon, a talent consultancy and recruitment firm that helps growing organizations level up their internal hiring programs. He’s helped 60+ companies with revenue from $5M - $50M build out their people and talent functions; scaling headcount from 10 - 250 employees. In this guide, he walks through building a Strategic People function, including HR evolution stages, structuring sub-functions, and HR org/leadership profiles.
Untitled design
Building Your HR and Benefits Tech Stack
Brett Ungashick is the Founder and Bryan Bridgford is the PEO Practice Leader at OutSail, an advisory firm helping companies research, evaluate and select new HR software. Brett and Bryan have helped more than 1000 companies evaluate and select HR technology solutions. In this guide, Brett and Bryan walk through the different categories of HR and Benefits tools, and how to select and build a technology ecosystem that supports your needs.