Recap: Ten Eleven Roundtable on Selling Security Solutions through Channel

October 26, 2022


📣 Todd Weber is an Operating Partner at Ten Eleven Ventures and was previously Chief Technology Officer at Optiv, a cyber advisory and solutions provider. Over the course of his career, he’s led managed services teams and served as a security consultant and sales engineer. In this Roundtable, he’ll discuss different channels available to cybersecurity technology companies, including direct sales, distributors, VARs, MSSPs, and cloud marketplaces.

✅ Ideal for Sales, Marketing and Product Leaders


📈  Key Takeaways:

  • Tips on when and how to sell through Distributors, VARs, MSSPs, Cloud Marketplaces, and Freemium models
  • The impact of MSSPs on the cyber channel landscape
  • How you should think about pricing when selling through various channels



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